Paint & Chemical Disposal

Disposal of paint and chemicals can be a real headache if your not sure of where to take them. The question is often asked if we can haul away half empty paint cans or old gasoline in a gas cans. Unfortunately US-DOT laws prohibit us from hauling away such chemicals because it could be a hazard to the public if we were to have an accident on the road.

Tips on proper Disposal of paints and chemicals:

With paint its simple. Just take the top off the can and let it dry. Once the paint is dry we can haul it away for you.

Chemicals like paint thinner and old gasoline can be a little harder. First, you will need to call your local transfer station, they will then direct you to info on what days and the cost for disposal of different chemicals. Most of northern VA including Fairfax county, Arlington county, Alexandria City, and Loudon county, will have to contact the I-66 Transfer station for more info on chemical disposal.

However you decide on how to dispose of your chemicals, please do it in a green and safe manor!

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